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Ground Breaking New Cattery Design
40 years experience of supplying housing for small animals is incorporated in our latest cattery designs. Be it traditional two room or our new penthouse concept they benefit from the features which are exclusive to HC Two 2. Our two room designs can have a single outdoor safety corridor or a central corridor with accommodation on both sides. The sleeping room can be adjacent to the corridor or at the rear. Many boarders are used to this design and like the cosiness and sanctuary it offers. The two small rooms do however present certain problems regarding accessibility for cleaning. As with our penthouse design ventilation grills are provided at front and rear. With our new penthouse concept, the whole of the footprint area is made available as a run, with windows at the front, and windows and ventilation grill at the rear. As the run floor sweeps from front to rear (without the two room central obstruction) washing through to the small gap below the rear wall is facilitated. Safety corridor options are as our two room design. It is well known that some cats like sanctuary but the majority also like an open aspect which enables them to see out and indulge their natural curiosity. The openness of the penthouse design gives scope for movement while the elevated, heated, penthouse at the rear of the run provides sanctuary when required. Many existing catteries suffer with overheating in very hot weather. Having ventilation at the front and rear of the open run promotes a through draught which has proved to be effective in hot conditions. The insulated roof also prevents overheating. The grill is covered when not required.  Observation of cats in our installations, show them utilising, and frequently moving between the varied spaces available to them. Our catteries are of robust, well insulated and ventilated construction, with easy to clean, hygienic interiors. There minimal maintenance life span will be many times greater than other constructions currently available.
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Traditional two room design
Traditional two room design
New penthouse concept
Design Options
Single Outdoor Safety Corridor Central Corridor. Accomodation both sides
Single Outdoor Safety Corridor. Pastel Finish
Central corridor with accommodations on both sides and pastel colour finish
New penthouse concept New penthouse concept
Cats view looking out